Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Foods that Help Fight Tooth Decay

Now, a problem for many people is that they do two things: they have too many sweets, and they don’t take care of their teeth, including brushing and flossing along with the dental checkups. Often, you might love to have your favorite dessert, and it might taste great, but it is smart and responsible to limit this if you want to prevent plaque buildup that does lead to tooth decay. On average, most adults get anywhere from 20-64 cavities on their teeth. That is a bit scary to think about, but when you enable your sweet tooth a lot, along with not taking care of the teeth, this is where the problems lie. You’re bound to suffer from the damage caused by the formation of plaque, which then cultivates and then causes cavities and acid erosion on the teeth. But, if you are worried about this, always remember that there are some foods that your deNtist might encourage you to have, since they do help to decrease the prevalence of cavities and erosion on the teeth.

The first is cheese. It can prevent cavities because it actually balances you the ph levels of the mouth. Now, most dairy products can do this, but cheese in particular has the best means to help reduce the pH levels of the mouth, and to reduce the overall risk of cavities. Now, with this, if you do have a higher pH level, you also will be able to give calcium to the teeth, which in turn, will trigger the saliva that will strengthen your enamel.

Apples are really good for this as well. Many times, people are told to avoid fruits because there are lots of sugars in there, but apples will help to assist the mouth in producing the saliva that they need to reduce the levels of the bacteria that forms cavities.

Now milk is another one. Some people might say that milk needs to be the raw organic kind, but even if it’s not, it will strengthen the pH levels. It also will make the enamel stronger while lowering the acidity levels of the mouth. If you lower the acidity, it will also lower the instance of cavities and decay that might be happening as well.

Green and black tea is another great element to have, and it’s perfect to have after some sweet indulgence. The tea leaves in each of these have a lot of great properties in them, which in turn will limit tooth decay and cavities. The best thing to do with this though, is to have it plain, without any additives, which might not be palatable to some.

Wine is another great one to have, and if you love alcohol, this is probably great to have. Now, wine has some components that are great for the body, since they help to strengthen the teeth. But not only that, they are also a powerful antioxidant, and it can help with heart health. This drink is great, but also have some water to wash down any of the leftover residue from the coloring.

And finally, you should try to have some different fruits and veggies that aren’t high in sugar. Raisins, figs, and bananas and oranges can definitely help to prevent cavities. Be wary of oranges though, since they can be acidic. Beans, peas, and Brussel sprouts will allow you to create a strong mineral defense in order to keep and increase the saliva in the mouth, which in turn will fight against tooth decay.

If you’re worried about having too much sugar in the body, and you love it, don’t fret. You should obviously keep up with your oral health and go see your dentist in Chandler Arizona, but also work to incorporate these foods into there too. You’d be surprised at how different you’ll feel because of this, and the impact that this makes on your overall health and wellness as well. Think about what you eat, and try to have more foods that increase the resistance to cavities, since cavities aren’t fun, and they often can lead to other problems and issues down the road as well too. 

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